All of us can be a part of reducing or potentially preventing the risk of Stroke and Cardiovascular disease in us and our families. It is the advice of numerous bodies such as Stroke foundation, AMA, and RACGP that patients should talk about the risk of stroke with a local GP.  This is what we do. Suitably qualified, registered and experienced GP’s are provided in a convenient location near you ready to have this conversation. This has been provided at our expense, with no fee to Medicare or to you. Throughout the time you are with us, will we encourage you to continue to have these conversations with your regular local GP to seek advice on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Family members of the Strokecheck team have had their lives changed by stroke in the past. It is Strokecheck’s aim that all Australians are given the opportunity to avoid the lasting effects of stroke. Simple lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, exercise, and reducing your intake of alcohol may have a dramatic effect on your life. Ongoing measurement and control of blood pressure, heart rhythm will also benefit you if required.

Most of our patients will simply have a conversation with us about stroke and receive some advice about their lifestyle. In some cases a test as simple as feeling a pulse or taking a blood pressure will suffice. In cases where there is a family history of stroke or heart disease, the GP who speaks with you, may ask for an ultrasound or a blood test. If plaque is identified, simple medication may assist you to prevent or delay serious cardiovascular disease. 

We are providing a sound method to achieve wonderful results for participants. Beside the patients who have had surgery we are delighted to direct most patients through lifestyle changes and simple treatments to enjoy a prolonged and enriched life



Following various news items about Strokecheck in recent days, we wish to advise that Strokecheck is a charity and not-for-profit organisation. Strokecheck provides a conversation with a general practitioner to educate and promote awareness of cardiovascular disease and stroke in Australia.  The service is accessible to all Australians regardless of where they live or what they do and we aim to offer advice that can ultimately prevent strokes and save lives. 

We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from those who have participated in the Strokecheck conversation and the feedback received has been extremely encouraging.

Stroke and cardiovascular disease can be reduced or prevented by medical advice.  Strokecheck provides a convenient location where a qualified, registered and experienced doctor can engage in conversation with participants and advise of changes that could reduce or even prevent stroke.  

There is no charge to Medicare or to you, and as a participant. We encourage you to see your local general practitioner and seek advice about prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. It can be as simple as making lifestyle changes such as appropriate exercise, limiting drinking and stopping smoking.

The news items suggest there is prolific testing but this is not the case.  Most of our participants do not have a test – they simply have the conversation.  

Where a test may be deemed necessary it might be as straightforward as feeling a pulse or taking the blood pressure.  In such cases where there is family history of stroke or heart disease, the general practitioner may ask for an ultrasound or blood test to assist in the conversation. Gaining awareness of your health circumstances will allow you to prevent or delay serious cardiovascular disease. 

We believe that we are providing a sound method and achieving wonderful results for those that participate in the conversation.


Did you know that many strokes are preventable?

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